AAA Approved Auto Repair

Guaranteed Auto Repair with a 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty

What AAA approved repair means

First of all, Smith Specialty Automotive’s AAA Approved designation means that AAA stands behind our services. How does AAA decide that we deserve an ‘AAA Approved’ designation?

Simply put, we have established a reputation with AAA for top-quality, guaranteed car and truck repair. That is why they let us display their logo on our retail location and on all advertisements, marketing pieces and documentation.

AAA lists our shop on their site as well. Visit our AAA profile page here and review our credentials:

Quality Parts and Fluids:

AAA provides us with the quality of parts and fluids we need to repair and service your vehicles fast. Usually within just a few minutes of ordering them they are delivered to our shop. This translates into your car being serviced and returned to you as fast as possible.

AAA provides us with some of the best quality parts and fluids available. The quality of parts and fluids vary quite a bit in the auto repair industry. Lesser quality parts usually cost more in the long run because of shorter life and returns to replace the part again. This means your car is more reliable and safer because of higher quality parts and fluids.

To schedule an appointment please use or online appointment form or call 913-393-0700.

  • Our facilities have been thoroughly inspected and tested each year to ensure that we meet or surpass the stringent and demanding quality service criteria established by AAA
  • AAA knows that our mechanics are highly-trained, certified and experienced
  • The automotive service and repair work that we perform is of the highest quality
  • The auto fluids that we use are of the highest quality
  • The auto parts that we use are of the highest quality
  • Our track record of delivering quality repairs speaks for itself