• Check for wear or damage
  • Inspect ball joints and control arms
  • Inspect shocks and struts
  • Inspect bushings and linkages


  • Check and verify proper operation
  • Inspect steering linkage and tie-rod ends
  • Inspect steering pump and hoses for leakage
  • Inspect steering gear and boots

Fuel System

  • Replace fuel filter (some vehicles)*
  • Inspect fuel lines and fuel tank mounts


  • Check, adjust and test for proper operation
  • Inspect pad surfaces and rotor thickness
  • Inspect calipers and hoses
  • Inspect brake shoe thickness
  • Inspect wheel cylinders and axle seals
  • Check parking brake adjustment
  • Test proper ABS system operation

Engine Systems

  • Inspect belts
  • Inspect hoses
  • Check for vacuum leaks and fuel leaks
  • Inspect ignition cables and engine wiring
  • Change engine oil and filter*
  • Replace air filter*

Drivetrain Components

  • Inspect drive axles for damage or leakage
  • Check transmission for leaks
  • Service transmission, fluid flush (auto)*


  • Check for condition and leakage
  • Heat shields
  • Muffler and exhaust pipes
  • Flex pipe
  • Exhaust system mounts


  • Check condition and advise
  • Inspect tread depth
  • Check for uneven wear patterns
  • Rotate and balance*

Body Condition

  • Check for damaged or loose shields and shrouds
  • Check operation of seat belts and SRS system
  • Lubricate hinges and door latches

Cooling System

  • Check condition of hoses and belts
  • Check for leaks

Air Conditioning System

  • Check for proper operation of blowers
  • Check for proper operation of AC and heater

Check Computer System

  • Scan for codes

* cost for these items varies by make and model.