Item checklist for 120,000 mile auto service:

At 120,000 miles, your car is due for a major servicing/tune-up. This servicing is the most important, comprehensive, and usually most expensive service milestone that you will have in your car’s lifetime.
Think of it as your car hitting forty years of age.
Similar to the 60K miles service, we replace many important items (see below). Depending on your car/truck/SUV, a Timing Belt Replacement and Valve Adjustment may be in order.
Here is what you can expect from the 120K Miles Auto Service & Maintenance at Smith Specialty Automotive. By providing a thorough checklist of our inspections and services included, you will know the quality and value of the servicing you’ll receive.

Possible Repairs at 120,000 miles?

Possible auto repairs needed at this major milestone will depend on a number of things.
Beyond 100,000 miles, your attention to the car’s proper maintenance becomes apparent. If you have properly maintained your vehicle, you might expect some minor repairs. If your vehicle has been neglected, you may be faced with a need for major auto repairs. Either way, we look forward to meeting you and providing excellent service for your automobile.