Item checklist for 60,000 mile auto service

The 60,000 mile service will likely be the second major service for your car or truck. Sometimes referred to as the “60,000 mile tune-up”.
This service is likely the largest and most expensive service your car will need -and is definitive in the quality of the long-term life, health and maintenance of your automobile. Your vehicle will most likely require replacement of the Timing Belt and Valve Adjustment. We perform inspections and maintenance on your vehicle (as below).
Here is what you can expect from the 60K Miles Auto Service & Maintenance at Smith Specialty Automotive. By providing a thorough checklist of our inspections and services included, you will know the quality and value of the servicing you’ll receive.

Possible Repairs at 60,000 miles?

Possible auto repairs needed at this major milestone will depend on the vehicle and the quality of maintenance up to this point.
At 60,000 miles, you will start seeing the wear and tear on items like the Drive Belts, Hoses, Motor Mounts. You may begin to see oil leaks, and chances are your Suspension Bushings will begin to show some wear and tear. By continuing to pay attention to your car’s proper maintenance, you will insure the value and quality of your auto -and reduce the odds of major auto repairs going forward.
We look forward to meeting you and providing excellent service for your automobile.